Blue Economy with a Social Lens

Livelihood Enhancement in Kenya’s Lake Victoria Blue Economy


No continent is set to witness a population boom in the 21st century like Africa. With a predicted population growth rate of 50% for the next 18 years (United Nations Population Division [UNPD], 2015), rapid population growth is bound to create possible impediments to economic development in the coming years. Population growth will influence a higher resource consumption rate, increased waste production, intensive land use, and environmental degradation that could exacerbate the pressure on the earth’s resources (water, forests, land and the earth’s atmosphere). The…

The Plight Women in the Lake Victoria Fishing Industry

The power of Onboarding Men in Women Empowerment

The shores of Lake Victoria are a hive of activity early mornings with women rushing back and forth competing for the limited fish stocks availed by the fishermen who have been up most of the night securing the day’s catch. The fisheries activities in the Lake are gendered such that the men do the fishing and women sell the catch, an arrangement that has been sustained and unchallenged for decades. …

Tackling Energy Poverty in Africa

What it takes to eliminate energy poverty in the continent


Energy poverty is among the key global challenges despite the advancements in modern energy. In developing countries, particularly Africa, the levels of energy poverty is alarming. The African Development Bank Group (ADBG) established that over 40% of the Sub-Saharan Africa population lack access to electricity corresponding to 640 million people. Limited access to clean energy in Africa persists despite the existence of sufficient energy resources to meet the domestic demands. Majority of rural Africans rely on direct fuel combustion from wood sources such as…

Cynthia Akinyi

Passionate about empowering underserved commuities by offering innovative ideas for social entrepreneurship, sustainable development & social impact investment

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